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12th Jan 2015

5 Cars you didn’t know you wanted…

Here are five great motors JOE definitely wants


New Year, new car…

It’s a tradition that goes back as far as JOE can remember. We spot a few registration plates with the new year’s number on them and instantly start fantasising about having a new car ourselves.

Why? Well, there’s that new car smell and of course, the first drive where you and your car are still getting to know one another… you know what we’re talking about, right?

Well here are the five cars which sprung to mind when the feeling hit this year.

Audi A3 Saloon


From €29,950

JOE hasn’t wanted a German this bad since Heidi Klum’s 2002 swimsuit calendar.

Like our beloved Heidi, the A3 isn’t all about looks either. It drives as smoothly as you could possibly imagine, with near perfect steering and a gearbox that will leave you wondering how you ever drove anything else. It’s stunted look also makes the A3 look very sporty, which we like…

Opel Astra Saloon


From €19,995

Oh my, what a pretty car this is. Its suspension has become almost legendary. Coupling that with an unbelievably efficient engine makes driving this vehicle more than a just a little bit of fun.

BMW M4 Coupé


From around €100,000

This is a wishlist so let’s crank it up a notch.

The M4 Coupé is everything you could ever want from a car you’ll probably only buy if your Formula 1 career takes off. It looks gorgeous, manoeuvres like a gazelle and accelerates from 0-60 In 4.1 seconds… which is ridiculous.

Ridiculous and just a little bit exciting.

Alfa Romeo 4c

4cFrom €70,000

Powered by a 237-hp turbo and weighing around 895 kg, to say this car is quick is like saying Lionel Messi is a bit okay at football.

Did we mention the car is an absolute beaut and relatively affordable for a supercar, or so we’re told…

Nissan X Trail


From €30,950

From the wonderfully impractical, to a vehicle which is perfect for even the bumpiest of Irish journeys. The X Trail is stylish, reliable and has more gadgets in it than Q from James Bond.

So those are the four cars JOE definitely wants and you probably want them now too.

Granted, these vehicles are out of most of our price ranges. But nonetheless, we can still consider getting an awesome car that mightn’t necessarily be new, but is new to us.

So if you’re thinking about treating yourself in the coming months to a new or second hand car then we’d suggest checking out your local Credit Union.

They have competitive loan rates, there are no admin fees, no balloon payments and unlike a hire purchase agreement you own the car from the outset. A pretty nifty way to make that big purchase.