7 signs you've got a passive aggressive housemate 5 years ago

7 signs you've got a passive aggressive housemate

"There's nothing wrong with me... I'm just fine. I just wish you could be that little bit more considerate sometimes."

Does this sound familiar? Have you read this sort of rubbish on a post-it note before? If your answer is yes to these questions, then chances are you've got a passive aggressive housemate.


If you're still unsure, here are 7 signs your housemate comes from the distant planet, Passife Aggresifiso.... of course, it could also just be your fault.

Notes everywhere

These notes appear to be written by your housemate's brave and thundering alter-ego whom you've never actually met.


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Compliments are usually insults when examined

"You're really good at sports. Especially if you consider how short you are." GRRRR!


They love to 'politely disagree'

Their contradictions usually end with "I'm just sayin'"... well, why don't you get lost... we're just sayin'.


They are not capable of being wrong

It's definitely one of the most impressive super powers we've heard of.


They can go from hating you to being your best friend in a matter of seconds

Which is slightly confusing to say the least.


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Your stuff is regularly organised... by them

Even when it's not messy.

They make unreasonable demands

This is totally unfair, right?



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So there you have it, 7 signs the person you're living with is passive aggresive.

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