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70% of Irish women willing to go topless on hols
Some 70 per cent of Irish women under the age of 30 are happy to go topless while on hols, a new survey has shown.

Some 70 per cent of Irish women under the age of 30 are happy to go topless while on hols, a new survey has shown.

According to the the results of recent research carried out by Club 18-30, there is a marked contrast between racy 18-30-year-old holidaymakers and the more reserved over 30s.

According to the online survey of several hundred Irish holidaymakers, 70 per cent of 18-30 year old females are happy to sunbathe topless, but more than 50 per cent of over 30s rule this out completely.

Similarly, about 50 per cent of men under 30 don’t have a problem visiting a nude beach, while almost 60 per cent of their older counterparts would be uncomfortable doing so.

Meanwhile, close to 68 per cent of males are happy to have their other halves sunbathe topless.

“The youth market which we are serving clearly like to let loose,” says Sharon Harney of tour operator Club 18-30. “‘They want a relaxed, fun-loving time from their holidays, and are obviously a good deal more daring than the previous generation.”


Men claim to be much more comfortable in their own skin than women, with 35 per cent believing they have the ideal beach body, compared to only 7 per cent of women.

Oddly, the study found a number of men willing to answer a question on what male has the most idyllic body and 42 per cent voted for Matthew McConaughey.


Amongst women, Kim Kardashian has the most desirable bikini body, closely followed by curvy British contender Kelly Brook.

Meanwhile, it seems appearance is key for holiday-goers, with most admitting to splashing out on the high street and buffing up in the gym in the weeks prior to departure.

Ibiza was the holiday destination of choice across the board for the age group, swiftly followed by Majorca and Crete.

At these holiday resorts, a Sunset Cruise (35 per cent) came out on top for the ladies’ choice, while males favoured the idea of a Foam Party (28 per cent).

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