Audio: The Rubberbandits went on Newstalk last night under the influence of “legally-consumed yips” 5 years ago

Audio: The Rubberbandits went on Newstalk last night under the influence of “legally-consumed yips”

“My legs are having an argument with my shoulders about how much rent my body is charging.”

This morning, you may well think you are still living in a dream in Ireland as you wake up in a country in which certain hard drugs like ecstasy, ketamine and crystal meth are legal until midnight tonight and it all came about by accident.

As it turns out, emergency legislation may see to it that this accidental loophole is stopped in its tracks before the deadline tonight, but March 10, 2015 will always be remembered as the day that drugs were accidentally made legal in Ireland.

The news got the nation talking last night, with some taking a serious and others, inevitably, taking a not-so-serious viewpoint on the issue.

Newstalk had the best of both worlds last night after Blindboy Boatclub of the Rubberbandits made a guest appearance on the Tom Dunne show and it was a memorable appearance to say the least.

After the Rubberbandits yesterday expressed an interest on Twitter about going onto Joe Duffy to speak about the issue, Newstalk stepped in and it made for great radio, as, just like in a famous appearance with Willie O’Dea on the Joe Duffy show a few years back, Blindboy Boatclub came across very well indeed.

While he wasn’t afraid to make light of the implications of drugs suddenly being made legal, Blindboy also addressed serious issues like the legalisation of drugs and their connection with mental health.

You can listen to the interview with Tom in full below, but his appearance was very well-received...

...and Tom was good enough to grant Blindboy his wish and play something from the Prodigy’s Experience at the very end.

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