Can't say we noticed the cars... 10 years ago
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Can't say we noticed the cars...

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You're probably not even reading this.

Go on, take a few minutes to flick through the gallery.



Done? No?

Ok. We'll hang on.






So we brough the camera down to take a few snaps of the supercars taking part in Cannonball Ireland 2012. But we ended up getting distracted by Emma Quinlan, The Little Fox, and her puppies.


"But JOE!" I hear you cry from your office cubicle. "What the hell is Cannonball 2012?"

Well my friend, let me break it down for you.

It's 3 days, 150 supercars, 400 competitors, 1000km of asphalt (probably a bit more when you consider the swerving around potholes), "Evening Entertainment" (read: Booze), and of course, Models.

The route takes the competitors from Dublin to Belfast, across to Galway, finishing with a spin down to Kilkenny.


How do you get involved? Simple. Be rich. Or have a rich friend. Either way, you're going to need a supercar.

It IS all for charity though... Assuming you have an Audi R8 gathering dust in your garage, or you can borrow the Lambo off the auld wan for the weekend, Cannonballers are all about raising funds, through sponsorship and donations for LauraLynn House, Ireland's First Children's Hospice.

If you want to have a look at some of the motors taking part, or if you can spare a few pennies, head over to

In the mean time, enjoy our little fox.

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