WATCH: Colm Meaney stars as Santa as Aldi reveals full version of new Kevin the Carrot Christmas ad 1 year ago

WATCH: Colm Meaney stars as Santa as Aldi reveals full version of new Kevin the Carrot Christmas ad

Colm Meaney, music from Home Alone, Kevin the Carrot, Christmas; yeah, we can get on board with this.

In any other year, we might raise an eyebrow at the much-hyped arrival of a Christmas ad in the first week of November.


But in 2020, and in this week of all weeks, with events surrounding the US presidential election arguably surpassing even our wildest expectations of how crazy it might be, we’re fully prepared to park any cynicism we might have at the door.

While not quite reaching John Lewis levels just yet, the Kevin the Carrot Aldi Christmas ad has generated a fair degree of excitement in recent years, to the extent that none other than Colm Meaney has come on board to play the big man himself this year.

A teaser for the ad was released earlier this week, which saw Kevin the Carrot in a Top Gun style fighter jet adventure, before being left perilously adrift with a flaming parachute.

Questions remained over Kevin’s whereabouts and whether he’d manage to get home to Katie and the family in time for Christmas.


Thanks to the help of Harry the hedgehog and big ole Santa Claus himself, there’s a happy ending for Kevin and the chance for viewers to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even if there are exactly seven weeks to wait until the big day.

Meaney described the experience of being involved in the ad as “a total joy”.

“I thought it was about time that I played the big man himself and so was delighted to be asked by Aldi to be part of its Christmas campaign,” he said.

“Kevin the Carrot and his family were incredibly welcoming on set and the whole experience was a total joy – even getting in and out of the big red suit.


This year has been incredibly challenging for everyone, but I hope that over the festive season people will be able to enjoy this special time with family and friends – and maybe the odd mince pie or turkey sandwich.

“Oh, and contrary to many men during lockdown, I can confirm that the beard is not mine.”

You can see the ad in full below and it will be shown on The Late Late Show at 10.40pm tonight.


And if that's not enough, exclusive, bonus Ireland-only footage of the ad can also be seen below...

Clips via AldiIreland