A dating expert reveals the worst place to go on a first date 4 years ago

A dating expert reveals the worst place to go on a first date

Millionaire matchmaker Louanne Ward, from Perth, Western Australia has spilled her secrets on exactly what it takes to find lasting love.

Louanne is matchmaker to the stars and charges up to $15,000 (approximately €10,500) for her services.


Unsurprisingly, first dates are pricey. Louanne tells the Mail Online:

“People in the higher income bracket might spend between $200 and $400 (approximately €140-280) on a first date and when this is combined with the average, people are spending about $107 (approximately €75) each on just one first date.”

So naturally, nailing the location is pretty important.

And very surprisingly, a coffee shop or pub can spell absolute disaster.

“Location is key. No pubs and no coffee shops. If you get a second date after going for coffee with your date you are one in a million. It doesn't normally happen,” Louanne said.

Instead, she recommends a more creative endeavour.

“Creativity plays the part, not money. Sometimes the most simple dates are the best dates. What woman doesn't love it when a man has a bottle of bubbles, some cheese and crackers and a punnet of strawberries in a picnic basket and a blanket to watch the sun go down?” she said.


“What woman doesn't love it when a man has thought about what to do?”

“'I have a strict no coffee date policy unless you have done something like walk along the beach beforehand. You need to have time to connect with the person.”

Louanne also recommends that singletons avoid Friday and Saturday as first dates because there is too much pressure, places are too busy and there will be an expectation to do something afterwards.

“Monday - Thursday are prime date times or Saturday - Sunday lunches, forget the other times," she said.

Louanne even has recommendations on what to drink.


“Cocktail dates are perfect because you can choose what you like together and there's a lot of interaction when you're choosing a cocktail. Also you order food that you share and this is really important,” she said.

And when it comes to seating arrangements, Louanne says:

“Side by side or at a round table is ideal because a man has to see your whole body. He has to be able to look at you and connect with you.”

“At the same time, a woman needs to be able to show the body language cues which she will show accidentally when she's either into you or not into you. Men are much easier because they are visual.”


Got all that?