Five minute DIY: Getting rid of slugs... with beer!  9 years ago

Five minute DIY: Getting rid of slugs... with beer!

One quick, easy and cost effective way to remove slugs from your garden is by pouring them a little drink of beer.

There’s nothing worse than working hard on making your garden look green and great only for a few slugs to tear it all up before your very eyes. Here’s how to get rid of the pesky sluggers by just using some beer.


What you’ll need:

Jam jar
(Cheap) beer

Step 1: Find the culprits

Before you go hunting for slugs in the wilderness that is your back garden, have a look at what plants are being affected. You may find that the slugs have a taste for a particular plant so you can set up your ambush around these.

Step 2: Dig the holes

Get your jam jar and place it where you want it to stay in the ground. Run your trowel around the base of it and make an outline. You’ll now know how much dirt you’ll have to dig up.


Step 3: Insert the jars

Once you have a hole dug in the ground you can place your jam jars. Make sure that the top of the jar is flush with the ground before you pour the cheap beer in.

Step 4: One for you, one for me

Now you can put some beer into the bottom of the jam jars. Slugs absolutely love beer so the slugs will drop in for a drink, but they won’t be able to get back out mainly because they’ll be legless. Well, more legless…

You will have to clear dead slugs from a beery grave but that’s better than having your garden destroyed.