Forget book clubs! Ireland is about to get its first Gin & Tonic club 1 year ago

Forget book clubs! Ireland is about to get its first Gin & Tonic club

You can't spell GREAT without a G and a T.

You've probably all noticed that G&Ts have become hugely popular in recent times, as the once "Oh, isn't that just for grannies?" drink has now become the cool alcohol beverage of choice.

We're not entirely sure how it happened, or why, but we are far from complaining about it.

Clearly a lot of other people feel the same way about it, as Ireland is about to get its very first Gin & Tonic club.

The folks at Poacher's Premium Irish Mixers have set up a monthly residency at the Dublin Bar Academy in Smithfield in Dublin 7, and the first club meeting will take place on Wednesday 22 February running from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Kicking things off, they'll be looking towards England and Germany to celebrate the wondrous gins that are Beefeater Gin London, Beefeater 24, Plymouth Gin and Monkey 47 - Schwarzwald Dry Gin.

Each one will be served with a Poacher's tonics, while Oisin Davis from Poacher's and Ciara Farrell from the National Ambassador for the gins will be on hand to talk you through their history and how each of them are made.

So that is four full premium Gin & Tonics and we're told that as a special little treat, everybody will get a surprise goody bag on the way out!

We're told that spaces a limited, and tickets for the G&T Club can be purchased right here!

If you do go, please get back to us and let us know what was in the goody bag!