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GALLERY: The Irish pub on wheels travelled to Boston for Paddy's Day parade
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John Walsh took The Shebeen on tour to the States last week.

The Shebeen is a portable Irish pub that has been doing great business for Galway man John Walsh over the last 18 months, so he decided to bring it for a spin.


To Boston.

John's pub-on-wheels proved a massive hit with Irish Americans during last week's St. Patrick's Day parade in Massachusetts, with all manner of visitors to its finely polished, homely interior.







So impressed were the Americans by John's venture that Forbes even ran an article on it, and the man himself is even in talks with a U.S. caterer who wants to buy up to five of the caravans to be remodelled.

Here are the details on how you can lease the Shebeen out for parties, weddings, whatever event takes your fancy.

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