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Irish Lads and Love: The Homegrown traditions
Yeats once wrote that Romantic Ireland is with O'Leary in the grave, but it's very much alive and well amongst the men of this country as far as we're concerned.

Yeats once wrote that Romantic Ireland is with O'Leary in the grave, but it's very much alive and well amongst the men of this country as far as we're concerned.

Irish men are often accused of being an unromantic bunch, but we reckon we’re as good when it comes to the schmaltzy, cute, puppy-love stuff as the best of them, even if the height of some lads’ romanticism extends to occasionally refusing to stick their loved one’s head under the covers after they’ve let off a ripper in bed.

Here are six traditional ways in which Irish men like to display their affection for their better half and although you’d never admit it to the lads down in the pub, chances are you observe at least half of these on a regular basis.

Cooking the breakfast on a Sunday morning

She might have made you breakfast, packed your lunch and had dinner ready for you in the evenings the other six days of the week, but while you grease up a storm with a fry-up on a Sunday morning after the Saturday night before, the kitchen is a woman-free zone.

Hell, if she’s been really good, you’ll even offer to dry the dishes once she’s finished washing up afterwards.

Going to chick flicks in the cinema

Show us an Irish guy who hasn’t been to at least three chick flicks in the cinema starring Gerard Butler, Colin Firth or Hugh Grant as the male lead and we’ll show you a liar.

For some lads, of course, going to one of said chick flicks is an excuse to watch a film they were dying to see anyway, but for the rest of us, we’re glad to endure 90 plus minutes of movie hell to spend time with our loved one, even if it is just to ensure that she’ll return the favour when the new Batman/Bourne/Die Hard release comes out.


Letting her watch the soaps… occasionally

The missus has a face like thunder after coming in the door from work, so in an attempt to lighten the mood, you generously offer her freedom of the television for the entire evening so she can watch soaps to her heart’s content. You’ll even sit there in silence to provide some company, while secretly streaming the live Champions League match and listening to it through your headphones, of course.

Picking her up from a girl’s night out

She’s often got up to open the door when you’ve arrived the worse for wear at some ungodly hour of the morning, or helped you through the bathroom window when you unsuccessfully tried to slip in unnoticed after forgetting the key, so we’re more than willing to act as her personal chauffeur whenever she heads away on a girl’s night out.

It will more than likely involve having to drive a carload of her drunken friends halfway around the world, but the brownie points earned in return more than make up for it.

Putting the toilet seat back down

This might sound like a no-brainer and a practice that anyone with the slightest respect for their own personal hygiene should follow at all times, but you’d be amazed at how little the toilet seat spends actually sitting on top of the bowl in an all-male household.

That all changes as soon as the missus is around, however, for nothing else but to spare us a similar reaction to McBain in a classic clip from The Simpsons below...


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