Jenson Button's grooming tips 11 years ago

Jenson Button's grooming tips

The reigning Formula One champion offers up his quick grooming tips, such as how he copes with helmet head.

JOE: Do you have a daily grooming routine?
Nothing out of the ordinary. I use head&shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner every day. With a schedule that involves lots of training and travelling I find I get very dry skin, so make sure I use a good  moisturiser everyday too.


JOE: What are your ‘must have’ grooming products and why?
Hairwax and head&shoulders.  I spend so much time with either a cap or a crash helmet on I need to take care of my scalp and hair – helmet hair is not a good look!

JOE: Do you suffer from dandruff?
I can’t remember ever suffering with dandruff.

JOE: How often do you change your hairstyle?
My hair grows quite quickly so I guess it may look different on occasion but ultimately it’s the same style of cut. I’ve varied a couple of times where I shaved it pretty short when I was about 22 and I’ve also had it pretty long but for the last couple of years it’s been the same.

JOE: It must be difficult going to red carpet events straight after racing.  What is the quickest way to go from track to tux?
I’m lucky that the team have Hugo Boss as a sponsor so being able to put on a nice new suit certainly helps the transition, but there are times where it’s definitely a bit of a rush.