JOE's 10 step guide to winning Father Ted's Lovely Girls Competition 7 years ago

JOE's 10 step guide to winning Father Ted's Lovely Girls Competition

They all have lovely bottoms...

Having recently been bombarded with endless talk, tweets and Facebook posts about the Rose of Tralee Lovely Girls Competition we could only think of one thing  - what does it take to be crowned Queen of Craggy Island?


We also have so many questions about what happened to Miss Lovely Girl '96 Imelda. Does she still have her lovely laugh and did she actually pay for that Thai meal with Mrs Doyle and Sinead O'Connor Niamh Connelly?

Regardless, here is our ten step guide to winning the Lovely Girls competition.

1) Wear a dress that belongs to Fr Liam Deliverance's mammy

Fr Liam Deliverance Dress

2) It doesn't harm your chances to be seen with a celebrity

Did you know that Bob Geldof made a guest appearance once?


Clip via - M Maloney

3) Your sandwich making skills need to be perfect

Lovely Girls Sandwich

4) Don't make any 'racy' films

Miss Lovely Girl '95 had to be stripped of her title after the judges found out about her leading role in the blockbuster 'Stallion Farm'. We think it's on Netflix.


5) Have a lovely bottom

Lovely Bottom Fr Ted

6) Visit a real life lovely girls competition and learn from it


Clip via - TedFest2013

7) Personality counts but make sure the judges have your correct biography 

In 1996, the host Fr Ted Crilly once said that Imelda was 22 when she was actually 19, was born in Mayo when she really was from Dundalk and that her dog died when it sadly was her father.

Being a complete pro, Fr Ted managed to save the day by actually jumping at her with some karate moves because he knew Imelda was a black belt in karate... she wasn't.


8) Don't get distracted by all those handsome bachelors

Lovely Girls Lads

9) Perfect your walking skills

Clip via - cregs

10) Do all this and you could be the winner

Imelda Win

Jesus, that was a brilliant episode. If you have anyone tips on how to win the competition (keep it clean, boys) make sure to Tweet us your suggestions.