JOE's Hidden Treasures: Galway 6 years ago

JOE's Hidden Treasures: Galway

We've already covered London and Dublin's hidden treasures, but now it's time to see what Galway has to offer.

Galway has so much more than the obvious, so Jameson and JOE have put together a list of some of the best hidden treasures in the city of the tribes.


Here are five of our favourites.

Get lost in a very secretive garden

Place: The Secret Garden (Café)

This quaint and quirky café encapsulates Galway's bohemian charm. They host poetry slams, acoustic gigs and several other events within their walls. It's also a great place to just chill.


?Tuesday Jazz from 7:30pm?

Posted by The Secret Garden Galway on Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hit the right notes on the West Side


Place: The Blue Note (bar)

One of Galway's most charming bars is located just off the beaten track on the West Side of the City. The Blue Note boasts a great smoking area, an open fire and a collection of bar staff with impeccable taste in music. Several fantastic DJs also man (and woman) the decks several nights per week. There an easy going lot there too.

Get lost on a long walk


Place: The Long Walk

On a fresh winter's day there is no better place to clear your head than The Long Walk in Galway. It's beautiful, it's serene and it's almost otherworldly when the weather is right.

 Clip via Dr. Oliver Snr. Whyte

Get lost in a sea of books


Place: Charlie Byrne's bookshop

Anybody that knows Galway, knows that Charlie Byrne's bookshop isn't any ordinary bookshop. The place is a massive emporium of brilliance. Imagine the shop from Black Books but bigger and with friendly staff. It's a place where you could spend days and never actually get bored.


Rock out in one of Ireland's top venues

Place: Open mic in the Roisín (event) 

Every Sunday night the Roisín Dubh holds one of the country's best open mics. Get on down there early, because there WILL be a crowd. A great night in the city.


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