JOE's National Treasures: Jenny Dixon 7 years ago
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JOE's National Treasures: Jenny Dixon

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JOE has decided to side-step the botox-enhanced celebs for a more classy way of looking at lovely Irish ladies. It's JOE's National Treasures, the best of gorgeous homegrown talent.

Name: Jenny Dixon

Age: 28

Occupation: Model, actress, teacher (science & maths)

Interests/hobbies: I love films. Love acting, modelling and presenting because there is always so much to learn and so many ways to create something different. Theatre nights are a lovely escape. I really enjoy horse riding and skiing and I have written a couple of plays to date. Travelling - especially America and Asia, love it. Gym, running, hill-walking, parties, shopping, relaxing (chilling out).


Favourite traits in a guy: Someone who makes me laugh and who’s kind and witty. Guys should be guys and ladies, ladies. So, old-fashioned chivalry with a hint of cheekiness is something I find very attractive!

Ideal date: If the vibe is right and the chemistry and intrigue is there then the surroundings are just a bonus. That said, a smartly dressed guy, who’s put some thought and effort into the date gets lots of points! Dinner, wine, candlelight, nice music, midnight walks, tantalising conversation.

Image Credits: Lili Forberg, Jason Mc Donald Jason Mc Donald, Eric Savoie, Martin Anders Dahl, Steve Simpson, Doug Hac, Neerav.

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