Thirteen of the most infuriating daily annoyances 3 years ago

Thirteen of the most infuriating daily annoyances

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Research shows that 32% of people feel the biggest daily annoyance at home is discovering there's no toilet roll.


Sometimes, life throws little barbs at you.

You know the feeling we're talking about. Just as you're going about your day, something happens that throws you off course.

We've all been there though, and a recent survey¹ took a look at some of the most common daily annoyances. The research was completed as part of the 2019 #InControl national campaign to raise awareness about overactive bladder (OAB), a condition that affects over 350,000 people² in Ireland over the age of 40.

The campaign has a different theme every year, and this year it is all about ‘daily disruptions.’ People with OAB know better than anyone what it is like to live their daily lives in a state of constant disruption.


From chilling at the weekend to clocking in at work, you're never really safe from these little barbs...


Seeing as you spend most of your waking hours during the week with your colleagues, it's only natural that one or two things will get under your skin. Below is what the survey showed:

  • Your boss requesting something urgent as they are leaving (36%)
  • Phone vibrations/notifications going off (22%)
  • Work commitments disrupting your lunch break (16%)
  • Colleagues tapping their foot (11%)


Surely you can be free of these disruptions within the comfort of your own home? That's where you're wrong kiddo, and here's what the numbers say:

  • Discovering there is no toilet paper left (32%)
  • Opening the fridge and finding that nobody has replaced the empty milk carton (20%)



You've worked hard all week with foot-tapping colleagues, and come home to find no milk in the fridge. If there was an ounce of justice (or milk) in the world you'd have a relaxing weekend, but that isn't the case according to the survey:

  • Being interrupted in the cinema by someone kicking your chair (22%)
  • A partner/friend rain checking on plans last minute (21%)
  • Running into someone you would prefer to avoid in the supermarket (21%)
  • A weekend lie-in being ruined by a midweek alarm going off (11%)


This one takes the biscuit really. It's hard enough to convince yourself to go to the gym without things like these annoyances happening:

  • Having to clean gym equipment after the person who used it last (27%)
  • Someone skipping the queue for a machine (23%)
  • Arriving to a fully booked gym class (17%)

The 2019 #InControl national campaign has been launched by Astellas to improve public awareness of the medical condition overactive bladder (OAB) and encourage more women and men aged 40+ in Ireland to stop tolerating the daily disruption of OAB symptoms. For more information about OAB visit or consult your local GP.

1. Astellas/iReach Overactive Bladder (OAB) National Representative Study August 2019
2. Milsom et al. How Widespread are the Symptoms of OAB? BJU Intl. 2001; 87: 760-766

Brought to you by Astellas