Pic: A typical case of lazy, but funny, Irish parking... 7 years ago

Pic: A typical case of lazy, but funny, Irish parking...

Following on from this morning's bad parking picture, we've been sent in this great little shot featuring a case of typical Irish laziness. In fairness, it's pretty funny.

Bad parking really pisses us off here in JOE, but there’s something to be said for cars that are so badly parked that it’s comical. Earlier on today we were sent in the pics below from JOE reader Emmett Gallagher who thought we might get a laugh out of his awl lad’s questionable parking attempt. And by God did we...

Here’s the back story: Emmett moved into his new apartment in Dublin 1 late last year and his dad was bringing over some boxes of stuff from Emmett's old place. So instead of parking on the other side of the street and carrying the boxes an extra 3 meters across the road, he parks half on the kerb and half on the road in between two cars.

In fairness, we all thought it was hilarious here in the office and in case you’re wondering, Emmett’s awl lad, who shall remain nameless, managed to avoid the dreaded clampers.

Hat tip to Emmett Gallagher for sending in the pictures.