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15th Feb 2016

PICS: Ricky Gervais is not happy with the current view on risky comedy

Colm Boohig

We expected this reaction.

Ricky Gervais is usually quick to defend the controversial, especially after his recent hosting of the Golden Globes, and now he’s doing so for a peer.

You may have heard by now that Stephen Fry has quit Twitter after he offended a host of people at the BAFTA awards when joking that one of the winners looked like a “bag lady”.

The response to his decision has been mixed, but one man who is definitely on Fry’s side is The Office creator.

Gervais has taken to Twitter to express his feelings on the subject of risky comedy, and you won’t in the least bit surprised about what he has to say.

Do you agree with Ricky here?

One thing is for sure, it will be very interesting to see how long Stephen Fry will stay off Twitter now.

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