Prince 'going Irish' with wedding outfit 8 years ago

Prince 'going Irish' with wedding outfit


Prince William has opted to turn out on his big day dressed in the Scarlet uniform of the Irish Guards regiment. Scarlet for ya!

Although he’s probably never fired a shot in anger, William holds the title of colonel in the Irish Guards regiment of the British army.

This means the rapidly-balding prince who wouldn’t have had a hope of pulling Kate had he not been born a royal is entitled to wear the bright red, scarlet if you will, uniform of the regiment.

According to reports on Sky News this morning, he will also get blinged out with a gold and crimson sash, gold sword slings, a garter sash and star, a jubilee medal and Royal Air Force ‘wings’.

Because he is still a serving Flight Lieutenant in the RAF, albeit one who takes a lot of time off, Will had been expected to wear their uniform.

Sky News, however, reckon they have an inside line and are reporting that the Irish Guards uniform will be getting an airing at the event.