That's Christmas sorted for the missus  5 years ago

That's Christmas sorted for the missus

Seeing as all the big name shops are already putting up the Christmas decorations we thought we'd give you a gift idea for her. Here's gold vibrator worth €11,500.

Does you missus love a cheap thrill? Well why not give her an expensive one with this 24K gold vibrator. The company who produced this golden plated dildo say it’s the world's most expensive sex toy., say it "belongs in your jewellery box or even your safe". In your safe? Dirty. Well, that should be grand seeing as some Irish women are harder to get into than Fort Knox (see what we did there?)

LELO Inez Gold Vibratoris is described as "a high quality sex toy for women like no other" and it comes with five varying speeds including an "almost" silent mode – we don’t want to know when that might come in handy.

It comes in it’s own fancy hardwood box (no pun intended) and it’s rechargeable for ‘up to four hours of enjoyment’.

The price? A cool €11,500. Golden balls not included.


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