There's going to be a version of Love Island for single Irish students 4 years ago

There's going to be a version of Love Island for single Irish students

Know any single students that fancy it?

We all now that the real appeal of college/university for most students is getting the ride expanding their education, but there are moments when you need to switch off those braincells and just relax with some trashy TV, and it doesn't get much trashier than Love Island.


Yep, it's trashier than Oscar the Grouch passing out in the gutter with puke all over himself but hey, I'm loyal, babes.

On that note, any students that are single will be delighted to know that Jervis Student Night is returning - more about that here - and aside from all the discounts and freebies to be won, you might also pick yourself up a partner.

Amongst the events taking place on the night will be a student version of Love Island, which will require "vibrant singletons to take part in a Love Island style game show on the night".

The organisers are looking for 30 singletons to take part in game show on Wednesday, 3 October.


There will be three matchmaking games on the night with 10 contestants per game. The MC will ask a series of questions to get to know everyone a little better but contestants will also have to win the hearts of the audience because they'll ultimately decide who they think make the best couple.

Just like the show, the couples with the most votes will win the overall prize, which is a a night out in Dublin. There's a catch, however, as the winners can choose to go on the date together or solo!

If this sounds like something that would interest you or your mates - all information can be found here.

If you prefer pizza to love - who doesn't? - you'll be happy to know that there's also going to be a second game on the night and it's bound to be a firm favourite with students - The SBARRO Pizza Eating Contest!


Hungry students must pre-register and 10 lucky contestants will be chosen to take part on the night. Information on that game can be found here.