Video: Ferrari driver makes hilarious mistake 11 years ago

Video: Ferrari driver makes hilarious mistake

What happens when the floor isn’t secured tightly to the floor and you jam on the breaks? The floor slides with you of course.


This is exactly what happened to this clumsy Ferrari driver who was able to give a physics lesson and make fools out of the five starting announcers all at the same time. Alain de Cadenet probably thought he was the bees-knees when he pulled up on stage in his 1957 Ferrari 250 GT at the Mille Miglia North America Tribute last month.

However, his ego was probably, no, definitely deflated when he jammed on the breaks and forced, what looks like chequered-lino, from its position, causing the announcers to fall flat on their backs.

The video is hilarious on many levels, but mainly because everyone gets up unscathed except the chequered flag girl, who needed the help of two people to get back up. Thankfully no-one was hurt in the hilarious incident, apart from de Cadenet’s ego, obviously.