Video: Young kids casually drive a €200,000 Ferrari F430 7 years ago

Video: Young kids casually drive a €200,000 Ferrari F430

Would you let your 8 or 10-year-old son drive your €200,000 supercar up and down the street outside your home? No? Well someone in India doesn't have a problem with it...

If you’re looking to find the most irresponsible bit of footage on the internet then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve watched this video a few times and we’re fairly certain it’s real and there’s no CGI-wizardry going on.


The kid can barely reach the pedals and you can see him pulling on the steering wheel in order to get a better view. So that’s the first indication that he shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

Thankfully, nothing bad happens in the video and the kid seems like a pretty confident driver, but still, if there’s one thing we know about high powered expensive supercars, it’s that you can't trust most adults in one let alone young kids.

According to various sources the video was recorded in Sobha? City, Kerala Province, India and apparently, the kids were driving up and down a private road. Not that letting your kid drive a €200,000 Ferrari F430 up and down a private road makes it okay.