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If this doesn't put a big smile on your face, nothing will.

There's nothing much to this video, to be honest.

It has some guy in his kitchen, playing the guitar and singing Elvis Presley's 'Don't Be Cruel', to his two pet cockatoos.

But while one of them stands mostly perfectly still, sometimes giving the embarrassed side-eye to their companion, the other one is absolutely losing his mind, bopping his head in time and giving the full feather display in appreciation for one of The King's best songs.

Unsurprisingly, the internet immediately fell in love:




Sometimes all you need is a nice dancing cockatoo video for the world to seem like a much nicer place.

Well hello there...

Take a look at episode 9 of Ireland's first social chat show - featuring entertainment from Tipp duo The 2 Johnnies, exclusive interviews with Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm and Edgar Wright, and a superb Simpsons-themed Magic Cover from The Ramparts.

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