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Why do women hate beards? Experts claim they've found out...
Does she recoil at the sight of your facial fuzz if you haven't shaved for a few days? Most women hate beards. Why? Experts claim they have finally figured it out...

Do you have a girlfriend who recoils at the sight of your facial fuzz if you haven’t shaved for a few days? You’re not alone. The vast majority of women have issues when it comes to beards and experts claim they have found out why.

The Daily Mail reports that women, by nature, are supposed to be drawn to strong, healthy men, and some studies state that a beard is the sign of a strong immune system. Therefore, naturally, women should be attracted to men with beards.

However, for years women have turned up their noses at overly hairy men. We’re not sure if it’s an epic fear of getting beard rash or what, but the majority of women complain if their partner experiments with facial hair.

Confused researchers in New Zealand and Canada decided to conduct their own research to see if they could get to the bottom of why women were going against their natural instincts. To conduct their research, they rounded up some hairy men.

19 men with full beards had their picture taken, showing their beards in all their glory. The mighty beards were then shaved off and the men were photographed again – we imagine that a few of the men wept after being parted with their beloved facial fur.

The two pictures were then shown to over 200 women. Each time, the women continually rated the clean-shaven picture as being significantly more attractive than the hairy one.

What does it all mean? Well apparently the reason why women kept choosing the clean-shaven pictures is because subconsciously, women feel that men with beards tend to look more aggressive. This turns them off. Meanwhile, women perceive clean-shaven men as being safe, so they were more likely to choose them instead.

Disappointing if you’re currently sporting a beard that could rival the chin fluff of Thor. However, there is some good news if you just can’t bear to part with your beard. Your woman might moan at you to shave, but having a beard apparently commands respect from other males. So you could see yourself getting ahead at work or even being treated better by your peers.

If your love life is a bit drab, why not have a quick shave before you head out for the night and see if your fresh-faced look can attract some female attention.


Likewise, if you want to try and advance your career, put down the razor and let that bad boy grow for the next three months. You’ll be boss in no time!

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