This event is a car enthusiast's dream day out 3 years ago

This event is a car enthusiast's dream day out

This will get you revved up for sure.

Are you a car lover and take great pleasure in driving your pride and joy everywhere and anywhere?


Well, you are going to be driven up the wall trying to register your car for this event.

Runwayclub is an event which gives super, exotic and performance car owners/enthusiasts a unique opportunity which will be right up their alley.

This is the first time that such a unique car event has taken place here in this little country of ours and no doubt it will excite car fans all over Ireland.

Cars will undertake "stationary and rolling 1 kilometre + Vmax runs down the runway" at Dublin Weston Airport in a friendly but yet competitive manner.

With such a gathering of cars and equally proud owners getting together in one place enjoying the feeling of a cars true speed, it will no doubt facilitate a memorable experience.

Patrick Crowley who is the event director told JOE:

"We have BMW in as a main partner and we have opened up spectator tickets already. Our website was modified on Tuesday night also.


"We have over 100 of the most super, exotic and high-performance cars booked, and it is the car enthusiast's dream day out."

Crowley also stated that they will host private events for car communities, clubs & firms who wish to undertake similarly focused days.

The first event takes place on 13 August between 2pm and 8pm and they plan to release numerous more dates like this before 2017 is out.

Laura Condron, Corporate Communications & Events Manager with the BMW Group Ireland told JOE:

"We are going to have the M760Li driving during the event and we will have a display of lots of our performance cars and plug-in hybrids and i8.


To register your car for entry, all you have to do is email and more information can be found on their website here.