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14th Jun 2021

The ultimate checklist of everything you need for your next Irish road trip

Ann Cronin

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Hitting the road this summer? Here’s everything you’ll need…

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather’s picking up, it’s safe to say that summer is finally here.

And while travelling abroad isn’t an option for most of us this year, we do have a newfound appreciation for all that Ireland has to offer as a gorgeous holiday destination.

To celebrate holidaying in Ireland, Carzone are encouraging us all to head out on the ultimate Irish road trip this summer. From incredible destinations to unmissable road trip activities, Carzone’s Irish Road Trip Hub has everything you need to start planning your next adventure.

And if you need some help planning an upcoming road trip, here’s everything you’ll need to kickstart your next adventure…

Plan your route

I know we’re all biased, but Ireland really is stunning, from top to bottom. You’ll be spoiled for choice for places to go, but as obvious as it seems, it’s important to decide where you’re heading on your road trip and plan your route in advance.

If you fancy heading up north, the Causeway Coast has no shortage of stunning scenery and attractions to take in, while the Ring of Kerry is unrivaled when it comes to stunning coastal views.

There are so many incredible road trip routes in Ireland that are well worth exploring this summer and for some inspiration on some of the best ones around the island, click here.

Your perfect playlist

No road trip is complete without the perfect combination of driving tunes, so put aside some time to compile a playlist.¬†Carzone recently ran a survey to find out people’s favourite road trip songs and created the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist from the results, which you can find here.

Our personal favourite?

It’s gotta be ‘Born To Be Wild’ , all the way. Turn the volume RIGHT UP on this one…

Clip via Steppenwolf – Topic

Pack snacks for the road

Unless you’re planning to stop for food EVERY time someone gets a bit peckish, packing some quality car snacks for the road is essential.

In fact, the only reason you should really be stopping on any sun-soaked road trip, is to get yourself as many 99s as possible.

Definitely stock up on foods that are easy to eat on the go too, like big bags of crisps in every flavour possible and those giant bars of chocolate (keep them out of the sun!) and, don’t forget, hide yourself a wee stash of your own personal snacks under the passenger seat.

It’ll be our little secret.

Bring clothes for all weather

Remember… you can’t always trust your weather app!

Even if Met √Čireann is predicting a heat wave during your travels, it’s probably wise to pack plenty of jackets and coats and about 14 umbrellas, just in case the weather takes a turn and we get our usual craic of four-seasons-in-one-day in the middle of the summer.

Whatever you do though, make sure that one not-so-fashionable friend doesn’t pack socks to wear WITH their sandals.

There’s always one.

Stock up on car equipment

Check that you have a spare tyre just in case you run into any difficulties on the road. In fact, check your car has tyres in general.

Before setting off on any long car journey, don’t forget to grab some washer fluid, coolant and oil as well, in case you need any top ups along the way.

Then again, you can always grab them in a garage when you’re picking up your fifth 99 of the day.

Your charger!

On any road trip, chances are you’ll be using your phone a LOT for navigating your way around the country and for banging out that brilliant playlist, so chargers and power banks are an absolute must.

While you’re at it, it might also be a good shout to pack an extension lead, in case your accommodation is lacking in precious plug sockets and a map might come in handy as well, just in case your Sat Nav goes rogue and accidentally brings you to back arse of nowhere.

And the most important thing of all?

Enjoy the trip!

Carzone is Ireland’s trusted motoring marketplace for buying and selling new and used cars.

For more tips on planning the ultimate Irish road trip this summer, click here.

Brought to you by Carzone