Want to leave your car at Dublin Airport this summer? You could have a problem 2 years ago

Want to leave your car at Dublin Airport this summer? You could have a problem

Watch this space.

Dublin Airport’s busiest summer ever is causing massive parking pressure and many of those who will head on holiday will choose to leave the car at the airport.

Leaving your car at the airport is the easiest option, it saves worrying about a lift to and from the airport and you only have to drag your luggage from the car park to the airport which is a struggle at the best of times.

With almost 100,000 passengers a day passing through its doors during the busy summer months, Dublin Airport is going to need every one of its 18,000 available parking spaces on site.

However, recent reports suggest that the long-term car parks (Blue/Red/Green) are bulging at the seams and are set to be close to capacity for much of the summer.

Parkpnp is calling on local residents and businesses to come to the rescue, saving everybody a massive holiday headache while making a little money in the process.

The company who allow home-owners, businesses and carparks to rent out their under-used parking spaces to motorists have already recruited 200 new spaces in the area with demand proving massive at the moment.

Speaking about the current airport parking situation, Parkpnp CEO & Co-Founder Garret Flower remarked:

“Many people are already on the road to the airport before they think of parking. By bringing on-stream extra spaces, Parkpnp will ensure people don’t start off their favourite time of the year with a holiday headache.

"In seconds travellers can find, book and pay for their airport parking. Ensuring they can enjoy their holiday without worrying about parking, while also generating additional income for residents and businesses in the process."

You can find more information on the Parkpnp website.