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25th Jul 2017

Every shop in Ireland has been asked to add this one feature to their filling stations

It's been a long time coming.


Electric cars running out of power is a huge worry.

The Green Party are asking every filling station in Ireland to install a charging point for electric cars.

The party carried out a survey alongside Electric Vehicles Owners Associations where they discovered that users of electric cars had a very high satisfaction level but were concerned about the lack of charging points.

According to the Irish Times, electric car vehicle owners were worried that lack of charging points would lead to their power running out in the future.

Despite this fear, almost 88% of the people in the survey revealed that they never had run out of power in their electric cars as of yet.

Lack of charging points was not the only cause for concern amongst drivers with participants also admitting that icing was a worry while driving their electric car.

The term icing is a phrase that is used to describe when a petrol or diesel vehicle is parked in an electric charging point zone

Green Party councillor, Ciarán Cuffe, was speaking on Newstalk Breakfast before the party’s launch of its electric vehicles campaign on Tuesday and said, “We want to see charging points in every petrol station in the country. Charging is getting much faster and cheaper. There has been a move in technology. A car can be charged in 15 to 20 minutes while the owner spends some time and money in the petrol station. So it is a win–win situation.”

At the moment, there are currently 1,200 public charge points available across the island of Ireland.