Five ways to ensure your car is ready for the Irish winter 3 years ago

Five ways to ensure your car is ready for the Irish winter

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The Irish winter is here so is your car winter ready?


The temperature has dropped considerably recently, the days have got shorter and of course the Christmas ads are everywhere. Whether you like it or not, it's time to accept that the Irish winter is here.

Is your car ready for the harsh cold temperatures? Having car issues in the winter can be a whole different level to having car issues in the summer. Nobody wants to break down in sub-zero conditions hoping that Chris Rea spots you as he drives home for Christmas.

Here are some pretty neat recommendations you can put to good use this winter. If you want to learn even more ways to drive safely in winter, check out AIG's blog!

Use Anti-Freeze


Using Anti-Freeze or coolant helps to prevent ice from forming in your car. If you put some in to your car radiator, with water, it reduces the liquids freezing point. That way it ensures the liquid in your car’s radiator doesn’t freeze, protecting your engine from long lasting damage. Nobody wants to fork out for a new engine at any time, especially in the time leading up to Christmas!

Have Your Car Battery Tested

It's said that if your car batter is more than three years old, you really should consider having it replaced. If you get a flat battery in the Irish winter, you are more likely to be stranded and even worse, you'd have no heat. Have a mechanic check your battery to see how capable it is.

Clean Your Car


When the snow and ice comes, the roads are usually covered with salt and grit to combat the icy conditions and make it safer for drivers. That's all well and good, but did you know that salt can eventually cause rust to the paintwork of your car? The more you wash your car, the more you are washing this salt off.

Check Your Windows

As mentioned above, the Irish winter brings harsh road conditions and of course the inevitable dispatching of salt and grit. It is vital that you check your windows and windscreen for minor cracks and chips. In the colder conditions, these cracks can get bigger and leave you having to get window and windscreen repairs.

Replace Your Window Wipers


In an Irish winter, having good window wipers is an absolute necessity. With rain, sleet and snow all likely to fall, the only way to ensure your view is clear and not obstructed is to have good working wipers. You're supposed to have them replaced every 6 months or so, but if you hear them squeaking, it's probably time to get them replaced now.

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Brought to you by AIG Insurance