A big step has been taken towards Ireland getting a brand new motorway 11 months ago

A big step has been taken towards Ireland getting a brand new motorway

Two of Ireland’s biggest cities could soon be linked via motorway at long last.

Cork and Limerick Chambers believe that a significant step has been taken towards the delivery of an M20 motorway between the second and third biggest cities in the Republic of Ireland.

On Wednesday, Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe announced an increase in capital spending on infrastructure by €500 million annually to 2021 and Chambers in both cities believe that progress must be made on the M20 as a result.

The announcement by Donohue comes the day after the publication of ‘Gearing up for the M20: A Route to Success’, a report jointly commissioned by the Cork and Limerick Chambers and produced by Indecon Economic Consultants and RED C Research.


Amongst the findings contained in the report was that the M20 would reduce the journey time from Blarney to Patrickswell by 16 minutes, would prevent approximately 118 accidents per year, would reduce stress and improve quality of life for consumers and potentially support up to 5,400 additional direct jobs in the region.

Responding to today’s announcement by Minister Donohoe, CEO of Cork Chamber Conor Healy said: “The statement this morning by Minister Donohoe is very much welcome and moves us ever closer to the development of the M20 as the recovery in public finances once again allows us to ramp up investment in key projects with significant economic, competitiveness and social benefits. This is the single most important project yet to be delivered for the nation’s road network so the provision of additional funds, we feel, must move it closer to realisation.

“The M20 would not just connect the country’s second and third cities by motorway but would also link in with the Galway to Limerick motorway and therefore be a game changer for the Atlantic seaboard, really benefitting the three cities and their hinterlands and a geographical area from the north-west to south east.”

James Ring, CEO of Limerick Chamber, added: “The very fact that Minister Donohoe spoke of the additional funding being made available for economic and social infrastructure is very promising as the M20 ticks both boxes emphatically. The Minister also stated that all new projects would go through cost-benefit analysis; our report joint Indecon/RED C report launched yesterday has clearly illustrated not just the need for the project but the considerable bounce it would be for the regions and nation as a whole.

“While we may not have had any projects announced in today’s summer economic statement, we have little doubt but we are a lot closer than we have been before to the M20 being delivered. If you were to look at the greatest strategic need the country has it is to balance the national economy and no other project will impact positively in that regard like the M20. We will not let up on making the case for it until we get confirmation that it’s sanctioned.”

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