Irish motor industry is looking to hire 150 apprentices 1 year ago

Irish motor industry is looking to hire 150 apprentices

Great news on the jobs front.

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) today announced at the Intreo Careers Fair at Dublin Castle that the Irish motor industry will be looking to recruit 150 apprentices throughout Ireland.

The kind of apprenticeships on offer include "Motor Mechanics, Heavy Vehicle Mechanics, Vehicle Body Repairs, Agricultural Mechanics and Construction Plant Fitting."

The member companies of SIMI, of which there are roughly 1,200, have committed to these hiring figures.

The motor industry currently employs over 42,000 people throughout Ireland in a variety of positions, and it is recognised that there is a shortage of apprentices in the industry.

In order to undertake an apprenticeship a candidate must find a suitable employer to take them on for the duration of their four-year apprenticeship. The process then involves registering with SOLAS, the body which oversees "the Training programme and award of the National Craft Certificate Standard."

Brian Cooke, who is the General Designate at said: "This is a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to pursue a technical career while experiencing both a college and a working environment.

"With the transition underway to cutting edge automotive technologies, such as electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and autonomous vehicles, gather pace there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the industry."