New street parking charges come into effect in Dublin today 11 months ago

New street parking charges come into effect in Dublin today

Take note.

New, increased parking charges come into effect around Dublin today (15 July), along with an extension of the parking zones around the capital.

The parking charges which form part of the 2019 Parking Control Bye-Laws were adopted by the Dublin City Council by majority vote at the May 2019 Council Meeting.

The new bye-laws came into effect on 1 July and in order to ensure a smooth transition it was agreed to delay the introduction of the charges to 15 July.

This allowed operators time to update to the new rates, to change signage and parking meters, and also to provide communications to customers.

The council is also extending each zone to cover more streets with an expansion of the Yellow Zone (very high demand), the Red Zone (high demand) and the Green Zone (medium demand).

Charges in the Yellow Zone will increase to €3.20 per hour (from €2.90) and in the Red Zone to €2.70 (from €2.40) per hour.

There will be no change in price in the Green zone.

The expansion of the zones, combined with the increase in charges, means that some areas which are currently a medium demand zone, paying €1.60 per hour, will jump into a Red Zone at a cost of €2.70 per hour; these include Ranelagh, Rathmines and Harold's Cross.