'Tailgating' revealed as most annoying driving habit amongst Irish motorists 3 years ago

'Tailgating' revealed as most annoying driving habit amongst Irish motorists

A great source of road rage - is there anything more frustrating than this?

A recent survey of 4,000 Irish drivers has found that tailgating is the most annoying thing to experience on the roads, followed by drivers using their mobile phone behind the wheel.


In third place was driving too slowly, which 16% found most frustrating, while interestingly enough, only 11% said that driving too quickly was their pet peeve.

Tailgating, in case you were unaware, is when a driver drives behind another vehicle extremely closely, not leaving enough of a gap to avoid a collision if the front vehicle were to have to stop.

A real pain.

Meanwhile, 37% of people who took part in the survey felt like a mobile phone charger was the most important item to bring on a road trip, followed by a Sat Nav or GPS device.


But as we know, a road trip is only as good as the company you travel with and it's Tommy Tiernan who was chosen as the most popular dream-passenger among those surveyed.

Second on the list was rugby player Rob Kearney, with comedian Aisling Bea coming in in third place.

The survey was conducted by easytrip, an Irish mobility services specialist.

Commenting on the research Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip said: "Tailgating being revealed as the most annoying driver trait is concerning. Motorists need to be more aware and courteous on the road and keep the legal distance from the car in front.


"Likewise seeing mobile phone use continue to be an issue is worrying as it is illegal whilst driving and a dangerous habit. We’d urge motorist to drive safer and be more considerate of other drivers, to keep your distance, pull over in a safe area if you need to use a mobile phone and to give enough time to get to your destination."