Tips for lowering your insurance premium if you’re a young driver 1 year ago

Tips for lowering your insurance premium if you’re a young driver

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So you’ve decided to get on the road, here’s how to do it on a budget


Driving can be super expensive, particularly if you’re a young driver.

However most people overspend on their insurance costs, paying unnecessarily large premiums. And who has the money to waste on things like that? 

Save that hard earned cash for the more important stuff! Follow our simple tips to reduce the amount you’re paying on car insurance.

Get the cover you actually need

When you’re deciding upon what cover you want, chances are you will be overwhelmed with all the options. From third party fire and theft to comprehensive cover, there are lots of options that people will encourage you to choose.

Make sure you’re choosing the ones you actually need, and not one that’s more than necessary. Here's some tips to ensure you're getting the most.

Improve security


First and foremost, is your car alarm working? If so, there are loads of additional security measures you can introduce. The safer the car is, the less likely it is you’ll be looking for an insurance payout for injury or theft.

Steering wheel locks and car immobilisers are easy purchases. Car tracking systems like AIG's BoxClever are great, and can lead to long term savings. Read some extra tips here.

Add a driver with more experience 

The less experience you have, the more expensive your premium will be. However this figure can easily be reduced by adding another driver. If one of your family members has been driving for a number of years, adding them could convince your provider that you’ll be safe on the road under their guidance.

Check your car’s resale value 


You can only insure your car for what it's deemed to be worth by the insurance company’s assessor. Checking adverts can be a handy way of assessing value, and to see what your make and model of car is going for. The Revenue Commissioner also has an online valuation tool for tax purposes which can be useful.

Insurance bundles

Before you make your final decision on insurance provider and coverage, double check if they offer any bundles. Some companies offer a discount if you're currently availing of their other deals too. For instance, if your house is insured by the same provider.


Cut down on mileage

As Theresa Mannion would say “don’t make unnecessary journeys”. Reducing the amount of miles you drive can have a big impact upon your insurance premium.

The more kilometres you rack up, the more likely you are to have an accident. Your car is bound to get worn down and you are more likely to make mistakes.

Alterations/ Modifications


Not many people are aware of this, but bodywork could increase your insurance premium by 10-15%. Alterations like spoilers and tinted windows increase the likelihood of theft, so think twice before you get that Need for Speed look!

If you're aged 27 or under, AIG BoxClever could be the secret for good value and affordable car insurance. Simply by proving that you're a safe driver, you could end up with a cheaper quote. The safer you drive, the more kilometres you will be rewarded enabling you to stay in the driver's seat for longer. Find out more here.

Brought to you by AIG Insurance