15 nostalgic TV theme songs that will bring any '90s kid back to their childhood 5 years ago

15 nostalgic TV theme songs that will bring any '90s kid back to their childhood

These might be stuck in your head.

I was watching an episode of The Simpsons with my niece recently and I was amazed to see that she knows every beat to arguably the best show of all-time. This got me thinking about some of the more memorable TV themes from shows that I used to watch when I was growing up.


Let us know what your favourite TV tune was.

1) Football Italia

In a few words: How many people thought that the guy said Lazio at the end?

2) Saved by The Bell

In a few words: It's almost good enough to make you feel happy about going to your own school. Preppy.


3) Round the Twist

In a few words: I instantly apologise for the fact that this song is now going to be lodged in your brain.

4) Eye on Springfield

In a few words: The actual theme song from The Simpsons is so well known that it's a cliche to put it in this list. Also, this has more sex appeal but I could do with seeing more of Arnie Pie in the sky.


5) Sports Stadium

In a few words: The Final Countdown makes everything better.



6) Unsolved Mysteries

In a few words: The tune is so freaky but it's still not as creepy as the voice of the host, the late Robert Stack could terrify you with a single word.


7) Cheers


In a few words: If the previous show was haunting, ominous and scary then this is the very opposite. There's a reason why it was constantly played on repeat in the '90s. It's like a hug and a pint.

8) Duck Tales

In a few words: Why doesn't my uncle have a vault of coins in his house?

9) The X-Files

In a few words: What creeped you out the most? For me, it was always the strange warped head.

Abertura: X-Files from Televisual on Vimeo.

10) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In a few words: We all had our favourite one but then you grow up and realise that Raphael was always the coolest.

11) Animaniacs

In a few words: The same thing we do every night...

12) The Crystal Maze

In a few words: We all got a sadistic laugh when people were locked in after failing to complete the challenge in time.


13) Match of the Day

In a few words: Still the most popular song for most people on a Saturday night. We all know the iconic music but do you remember this brilliant tune that soundtracked 'goal of the season'?

14) Fresh Prince of Bell Air

In a few words: You know all the words.

15) Bouli

In a few words: I wish that there's a clearer version of this tune on the internet.