Derry Girls star had some very interesting preparation for that wonderful drunk scene 1 year ago

Derry Girls star had some very interesting preparation for that wonderful drunk scene

"Your ma doesn't even make sense!"

Frank Kelly played it so well that Father Jack's scenes in Father Ted have become iconic in the Irish psyche. Will Ferrell's late-night streaking in Old School is still one of his finest comedic performances. Nicolas Cage won an Oscar for his role in Leaving Las Vegas when his character was lit up like a Christmas tree, 24/7.

Right now, Nicola Coughlan has joined a very select bunch of actors because the Galwegian was absolutely brilliant playing a drunk. To be honest, we want to see more scenes of Clare when she's absolutely out of her bin!

After teaching us about the key differences between Protestants and Catholics in the Season 2 opener, Derry Girls continued its wonderful madness as Ms. De Brún and the Child of Prague made their grand entrances.

After their last teacher decided to take a job surrounded by the heathens in Belfast, our beloved Derry Girls welcomed their new inspirational teacher and after some fairly dodgy poetry - including Orla's drawing of a dog - the gang all started to find the hero inside (sorry, we were too focused on the M People track).

While Michelle was thinking about words that rhyme with ride and Orla was trying to rage against her own socks, Clare was doing her very best to impress the new teacher.

Granted, some of the gang might be willing to die for Ms. De Brún, but Clare was always conscious of the fact that she has only known her new teacher for two days and that it's a little weird to be invited over to a teacher's home.

This being said, one thing is definite.


After embracing her inner Cersei Lannister by downing a few glasses of wine, Miss Devlin was absolutely pissed. Poor Jenny Joyce, she never stood a chance!

However, it turns out that Nicola Coughlan had some interesting preparation for that scene and it involved a little bit of inspiration from everyone's favourite on-screen politician, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler).

When JOE caught up with Coughlan to talk about the episode, she was more than happy to chat about the memorable scene.

“I was so nervous about that scene because bad drunk acting is like the most cringe thing. So, I sat and watched Amy Poehler compilations from Parks And Recreation because to me, she’s the best drunk actor in the world. There were several takes of that scene when I went absolutely insane and started singing ‘Everybody Dance Now’ but that did not make the cut!

"In the car outside before filming, I kept on watching Amy because she’s the best drunk actor that I know. Sharon in our hair and make up team did a brilliant job - she even gave me the full red wine teeth and all," said Coughlan.

After Michelle burned down Fionnula's curtains in Season 1 and now Clare's drunken antics, it's fair to say that alcohol and the Derry Girls do not mix.

Long may the madness continue.