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20th Dec 2018

Here are the 7 best movies on the telly today

Rory Cashin

death becomes her

One day closer to Christmas. One more day to spend on the couch!

Christmas time is great, because the movies on TV tend to be better.

Plus we’re all broke from buying Christmas presents, and watching movies on TV is free!


Toy Story 2 – BBC One – 15:45

Arguably the greatest sequel ever made. At least until Toy Story 3 arrived.

Jaws – ITV4 – 21:00

A stone cold classic.

Shooter- FilmFour – 21:00

Mark Wahlberg is a top Marine sniper who is drafted in by the government to stop a potential attack, only to be double crossed and then blamed for the attack himself. He is forced to go on the run and prove his innocence, in the subtle way that Marky Mark is known for: SPLOSIONS!

Dirty Dancing – Virgin Media One – 21:00

Another stone cold classic. (Don’t @ me)

Vanilla Sky – Syfy – 22:00

Tom Cruise survives a horrific car crash and uses his rehabilition to reasses his life choices. But it turns out that there may be a lot more to it that he realises. Also stars Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, and Kurt Russell.

Tremors – ITV4 – 23:40

Kevin Bacon headlines this sci-fi horror comedy about a small town in the States that finds themselves under siege by giant underground worms that want to eat everyone in town.

Death Becomes Her – ITV3 – 00:05

Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and Bruce Willis star in this incredibly dark, incredibly funny comedy about Hollywood stars willing to do whatever it takes to stay young. Even if that includes magic potions and murder plots.

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