These are the 7 must-watch movies that hit Irish cinemas this June 4 years ago

These are the 7 must-watch movies that hit Irish cinemas this June

Dinosaurs. Heists. Old school romance. And the scariest movie of 2018.

As months at the cinema go, June is a banger.


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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Irish Release Date: 6 June


Plot: A volcano is about to erupt on the island where Jurassic World was once operational, and only Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard can help save them from extinction all over again.

Go See It Because: After the huge success of Jurassic World finally showing us the park up and running (at least for a little while), Fallen Kingdom needs to be seen for blowing it all up again.



Irish Release Date: 14 June

Plot: A tightly-knit but highly dysfunctional family begins to unravel is some seriously terrifying ways following the funeral of a family member.

Go See It Because: Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne headline what is being described as the "best horror since The Exorcist", and is in with a good shout of being the scariest movie of 2018.


Ocean's 8

Irish Release Date: 18 June

Plot: Debbie - brother of Danny - Ocean has just been released from prison, and she immediately sets about organising a massive heist, involving robbing millions of dollar worth of diamonds at the Met Gala.

Go See It Because: Sandra Bullock. Cate Blanchett. Rihanna. Anne Hathaway. Helena Bonham Carter. Sarah Paulson. Mindy Kaling. And more celebrity cameos than you can shake a very expensive stick at.


In The Fade

Irish Release Date: 22 June

Plot: When her husband and child are killed in a bomb attack, a mother comes out the other side of her time of mourning with the lust for revenge.

Go See It Because: Diane Kruger gives the performance of a lifetime in this movie, which won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Movie.


Irish Release Date: 29 June

Plot: Based on a true story, a couple make the romantic decision to sail entirely across the Pacific Ocean together, but a rare super-hurricane throws them into the path of certain devastation.

Go See It Because: Shaileen Woodley (The Fault In Our Stars) and Sam Clafin (Me Before You) play the central couple to great effect, while the director of Everest impresses with some seriously scary storm scenes.

Dublin Oldschool

Irish Release Date: 29 June

Plot: A young Dubliner has dreams of becoming a DJ, but his love of partying stops him from achieving his dreams. When he crosses paths with his long lost brother, he is forced to re-evaluate his entire life.

Go See It Because: Emmet Kirwan writes and stars in this fantastic Irish movie, which is every bit Ireland's answer to Trainspotting. Up there with Michael, Inside for best Irish film of the year so far.

Sicario 2: Soldado

Irish Release Date: 29 June

Plot: When given the extra funding to bring the battle on the bad-guys south of the border, the shady government agent brings the heartless assassin back in from the cold, and promptly lets him off the leash.

Go See It Because: Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin return to the world of warring on drug cartels in Mexico, but this time the safety is off, and the action is through the roof.