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05th Feb 2018

The Always Sunny cast had more fun at the Super Bowl than Frank tripping balls on acid

Paul Moore

The Gang wins the Super Bowl.

Given the fact that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia features the home of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Lincoln Financial Field, in its opening title, any jabroni will know that the Eagles are massively important to the creators of the show.

Hell, they even wrote an episode when the gang tries to make the team.

Remember when Dennis matched “the stride of a gazelle, a beautiful, beautiful gazelle person. My body is achieving a perfect symmetry right now” before the ball absolutely leathered him in the face? It’s just a shame that Donovan McNabb – that weird McDonald’s representative – didn’t acknowledge the greatness of the Golden God that was standing in front of him.

If only he popped that shirt off.

Anyways, at the exact same time when Mac, Dennis, and Dee – that bitch – were battling Doyle McPoyle for a spot on the roster, Frank and Charlie were tripping balls after drinking some beer that’s laced with acid.

“Lizard, am I standing in poop?” will always be a perfect reply to any question.

Anyways, it’s clear that the gang had a better experience at this year’s Super Bowl than anyone else because their beloved Eagles broke Tom Brady’s heart with a 33-41 win against the Patriots.

Danny De Vito, Rob McElhenney, and Kaitlin Olson were in attendance and they documented the whole thing.

Dee’s ‘inflatable’ dance was in full swing.

“You know Dennis, I’ve been thinking fish recently. Her eyes are so far apart!”

The gang breaks the Super Bowl.

“Whenever there’s a potential riot, I’m getting blasted on grain alcohol.”

Shut up, bird!

Frank even managed to promote a new product that’s not Wolf Cola, Gunther’s Guns or Fight Milk.

Boom I got your wallet! Boom I got your credit card! Boom I got your Super Bowl!

Truth be told, an episode where the gang heads to the Super Bowl needs to be included in the new season…because of the implication.

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