WATCH: New Avengers: Endgame clip finally gives us answers to some big questions 3 months ago

WATCH: New Avengers: Endgame clip finally gives us answers to some big questions

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Swear jar for Captain America, please.

WARNING: There may be some big spoilers here.

So proceed with a degree of caution, those of you who are counting the days until Avengers: Endgame arrives onscreen.

That day is Thursday 25 April, but you can beat all of those queues by taking in a special double bill of Infinity War and Endgame the previous night - details right here.

We're just about at fever pitch levels in terms of hype, with recent weeks confirming that the film with clock in just north of three hours and a great many theories popping up.

Now comes another look at what is left of the Avengers, one that answers a couple of questions while raising new ones.

It might also spell out precisely where the story is ultimately headed.

Check it out below...

Clip via Marvel Entertainment

So, if we have this right, the plan appears to be an all-out assault on Thanos that will involve stealing his Infinity Gauntlet and travelling back in time to undo his fateful snap.

How best to do that? Captain Marvel, of course.

Some fans and critics are fearful that the intensely super-powered Carol Danvers will serve as something of an anti-climactic deus ex machina that will rather handily undo all of Thanos' hard work.

Judging by the above, those fears may indeed be realised. Or maybe Marvel has a different trick up its sleeve.

As for where Captain Marvel was during all of the other conflicts? She was holding it down across the universe, unaided. So there's that one dealt with, anyway.

Also, can someone tell her American counterpart to watch his language? Cheers.

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