Aziz Ansari addresses sexual misconduct claims during stand-up set 1 year ago

Aziz Ansari addresses sexual misconduct claims during stand-up set

"There was a moment where I was scared that I’d never be able to do this again."

Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct in January of 2018, and he has addressed the subject in his most recent stand-up tour.

The incident in question was written about in the publication Babe, where a woman referred to a number of sexual acts that occurred in Ansari’s apartment despite her “physically giving off cues” that she wasn’t interested.

According to Vulture, Ansari spoke about the incident in detail at his most recent stand-up show.

He said: "There were times I felt really upset and humiliated and embarrassed, and ultimately I just felt terrible this person felt this way.

"But you know, after a year, how I feel about it is, I hope it was a step forward. It made me think about a lot, and I hope I’ve become a better person.

"If that has made not just me but other guys think about this, and just be more thoughtful and aware and willing to go that extra mile, and make sure someone else is comfortable in that moment, that’s a good thing."

He also said the incident gave him "a new perspective on life".

The Master of None star is bringing his stand-up tour to Vicar Street in Dublin on 31 March.