We answer the biggest question of our generation: Which is the best Chris? 4 years ago

We answer the biggest question of our generation: Which is the best Chris?

Four Chrises enter. Only one Chris leaves (with the title of Best Chris).

Chrises that aren't featured:


O'Dowd, Walken, Nolan, Martin, Klein, Rock, Brown, Greene, Evans (the other one). Your friend Chris.

No, this is just down to the four Big Hollywood Chrises, and it starts of with us having a look at the highs and, well, more highs of each of the lads to date, and before you ask, we're just going to go in alphabetical order, starting with...


Biggest Box Office: Well now... this is tough. Technically, his biggest movie has been Avengers: Infinity War with over $2 billion at the box office. But if we're talking movies he alone headlined, then it would have to be Captain America: The Winter Soldier with $714 million. However, if we're talking movies that weren't comic book movies, then we fall all the way down to (the really quite fantastic) Snowpiercer with just $87 million.


Best Reviewed Movie: That also goes to Snowpiercer, with 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hunk Out Of Ten: Ten.

JOE's Interview Highlight: He talks about touching his boob in all of his movies.



Biggest Box Office: Again, it would be Avengers: Infinity War. Outside of that, it would be Thor: Ragnarok ($854 million), and outside of the comic book world, it is Snow White & The Huntsman ($397 million).

Best Reviewed Movie: Star Trek with 94% (which he was barely in), followed by Thor: Ragnarok with 92%.

Hunk Out Of Ten: One. Just kidding! Ten.


JOE's Interview Highlight: Chats about loving Van Morrison, and also his love of Peaky Blinders.


Biggest Box Office: If we're talking just plain facts, it would be Wonder Woman with $821 million. Outside of that, there were the Star Trek series, as well as co-lead hits like Unstoppable or Thir Means War. In terms of his biggest hit as the obvious lead actor, it would be Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with $136 million.

Best Reviewed Movie: The absolutely fantastic Hell Or High Water (97%).


Hunk Out Of Ten: 10.

JOE's Interview Highlight: Tickling his Star Trek co-stars Zachary Quinto and Sofa Boutella, and also smelling a mystery jar.


Biggest Box Office: Yep, another Infinity War alumnus. Then there was Guardians Of The Galaxy and the Jurassic World movies, neither of which could claim Pratt to be the biggest reason people went to see them. Same goes for The LEGO Movie, and the only thing left over is his co-lead with Jennifer Lawrence sci-fi thriller Passengers ($303 million), because he has been the lead in literally nothing else.

Best Reviewed Movie: We already mentioned it had very little to do with him, but that title goes to The LEGO Movie with 96%.

Hunk Out Of Ten: Ten.

JOE's Interview Highlight: His look at pure confusion when he hears about Ireland having a dolphin...

So... how does all of this break-down?

Well, in terms of box office, it'd be: Hemsworth, Pratt, Pine, Evans.

In terms of best reviews, it'd be: Pine, Evans, Pratt, Hemsworth.

In terms of JOE interview highlights.... OH, WE CAN'T CHOOSE!

Yep, this is a toughie, which is why we turned to you, loyal readers, and you answered in your droves! So here it is, this is who you reckoned the best Chris was...

Well. There you have it.

Poor Pine never stood a chance...