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27th Oct 2017

Blue Planet II’s upcoming ‘bird vs giant fish’ duel is absolutely breathtaking TV

Paul Moore

Blue Planet

It starts this Sunday at 20:00 on BBC One. Don’t miss it!

In recent years, if you had to choose your most memorable TV moment, what would it be?

Daenerys destroying the Lannister forces in Game of Thrones? The revelation of ‘Evil Morty’s’ grand scheme in Rick and Morty? Eleven’s telekinesis in Stranger Things? ‘That’ twist in The Good Place?

Regardless of what it may be, it’s very likely that the epic duel in Planet Earth II between the baby iguana and the racer snake is right up there. As previously mentioned, it had the entire nation gripped as the sea iguana made a run for its life to the safety of the shore.

Well, with the first episode of Blue Planet II airing this Sunday, the BBC has released some preview footage and it’s promising a maritime massacre.

Here’s what happens when a giant trevallies launch itself out of the water to catch some fledgling terns.

As for David Attenborough’s new show, we’re promised to be taken on a “journey from the intense heat of the tropics to our planet’s frozen poles to reveal new worlds and extraordinary never-before-seen animal behaviours. Starting in the tropical coral reefs – the most diverse ocean habitat – a baby dolphin is taught the secrets of a coral reef, as its family rubs against a particular gorgonian which may have medicinal properties. On another reef, a tusk fish demonstrates a surprising level of ingenuity – tool use – as it uses corals as an anvil to break open clams. In the Seychelles, half a million terns nest on an island. Fledglings must eventually take to the wing, but danger lurks beneath the waves – metre-long giant trevally fish leap clear out of the water to snatch the birds.”

Set record because you won’t want to miss this.

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