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12th Nov 2017

Blue Planet II introduced everyone to a new underwater nightmare

So long, sleep!

Rory Cashin

This week’s episode focused on life at a coral reef, and essentially became Finding Nemo made real.

In an hour of TV that already had people second-guessing whether they’d ever be able to go for a swim again thanks to all those naughty, horny fish – seriously, the amount of aquatic action in this episode was out of control – you’d be forgiven for thinking that would be reason enough to be fearful of the ocean.

But no, it came down to that nasty Bobbit fish, which hung around just under the bottom of the reef, hiding just out of sight, waiting for some unsuspecting victim to wander by…

… and then BAM! Like something out of a slasher movie, the Bobbit would pop out and devour the victim in one chomp, and that was that.

Everyone watching had the exact same reaction, one that had the neighbours severely worried about their well-being…

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