Today is set to be a big day in determining the future of Brendan Dassey 4 years ago

Today is set to be a big day in determining the future of Brendan Dassey

Dassey has remained in prison since a homicide conviction was overturned last year.

Lawyers working on behalf of Brendan Dassey will make a case for his release from prison in front of a federal appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday.


In 2007, Dassey, the nephew of Steven Avery, was convicted of raping and killing Teresa Halbach and sentenced to life in prison in a case made famous by the 2015 Netflix documentary series, Making a Murderer.

In August of last year, a federal judge in Milwaukee overturned a conviction of murder in relation to the death of Teresa Halbach in 2005, arguing that Dassey was coerced into a confession by investigators.

Shortly before he was due to be released from prison, however, a federal appeals court in the United States blocked his release despite the fact that his homicide conviction had been overturned.

State attorneys subsequently called for a full review of the case and the interrogation techniques used by police officials and Dassey has remained in prison since.


According to TIME, all 12 judges of the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago will hear oral arguments in the Dassey case on Tuesday, with lawyers acting on behalf of Dassey and state attorneys expected to speak and to answer the questions of judges for approximately 30 minutes each.

A ruling in the case involving Dassey, now 27, may not arrive for weeks or months.

The events surrounding Halbach’s death and the subsequent sentencing of Avery and Dassey was documented in the Netflix series Making a Murderer, which Netflix have confirmed will return for a second season later this year.