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21st Aug 2020

Bryan Cranston just gave a great shout-out to his Irish people in a brand new interview

Eoghan Doherty

Bryan Cranston

“It’s in my blood…”

Ahead of the release of his brand new movie The One And Only Ivan, the great Bryan Cranston popped along to The Big Reviewski to have a quick chat about the family-friendly adventure which has just arrived on Disney+.

Cranston, as everyone well knows, is no stranger to father figures. He’s portrayed plenty of them throughout his career and, impressively, he’s responsible for two of the most memorable onscreen dads of all time; Hal, the lovely daddy from Malcolm In The Middle, and Walter White, the not-quite-as-lovely-daddy from Breaking Bad.

Now though, he’s returning to our screens as Mack, the adopted daddy to a talking, painting gorilla called Ivan (voiced by Sam Rockwell).

Mack is a good man at heart who just happens to own a circus that’s situated inside a shopping centre – because that’s the kind of thing that happens in America, I suppose – but his animals, including Ivan the gorilla, pine for freedom and dream of escaping to the outside world.

Something we can all relate to right now.

Cranston, as ever, was the perfect gentleman, chatting about the joy of having a good cry, the complexity of his character, and his post-pandemic plans which 100% involve a potential trip to Ireland and his people in Armagh.

Bagsy he sleeps on my sofa.


This isn’t the first time the great man has waxed lyrical about his connection to Ireland though. When Rory Cashin chatted to him for The Big Reviewski about his 2018 movie Isle Of Dogs, Cranston regaled us with an amazing story involving Guinness and stew, a County Clare trad session and a stranger’s baby.


The One And Only Ivan is available to watch on Disney+ right now and you can check out the trailer right here…

Clip via Disney Ireland