You can see Christian Bale's devastation in the Thor: Love And Thunder trailer 1 year ago

You can see Christian Bale's devastation in the Thor: Love And Thunder trailer

We're also pretty sure we can see the back of Russell Crowe's head...

It feels like it has been a while since we've seen Christian Bale, doesn't it?


That's kinda because it has been. His most recent movie was Ford V Ferrari in 2019, and before that it was Vice in 2018, and before that, his last big release was The Big Short way back in 2015.

He's clearly picking and choosing his projects very carefully, which is why it is even more exciting that he's signed on as the big bad guy in Thor: Love And Thunder.

Of course, you wouldn't know that from looking at the first teaser trailer for the movie, which FINALLY dropped this week, breaking a previous record held by Spider-Man: No Way Home, for shortest window between the first trailer arriving and the movie actually being released in cinemas.

The reasons for this are likely down to secrecy, as the events still playing out in Moon Knight (involving gods) and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (involving, well, the multiverse) are 99.99999999% for sure gonna impact the events in Thor: Love and Thunder.


Here is that teaser, by the way:

Clip via Disney Ireland

At the 55-second mark in the teaser, you'll see Thor and Korg standing in front of a giant corpse (the image of which is up top).


That is actually Falligar The Behemoth, and in the comics, the discovery of his body is what sets of Thor's investigation into the series of murders all involving gods around the universe, which leads to Thor crossing paths with Gorr The God Butcher, who will be played by... yep, Christian Bale!

In the comics, Gorr goes on a universe-wide, deity-killing rampage after he prays to the gods to protect his family, but his wife and child wind up murdered.

Whether or not that will wind up related to Thanos' snap, or the merging of universes from Doctor Strange, or the collapsing of certain universes from Loki, or some other reason altogether, we still don't know.

But we do know that Moon Knight has already introduced us to several (rather useless) gods, so any of them could wind up on Gorr's hit-list too.


And that's before we even get to Zeus...

Around to 50-second mark, it appears we've arrived at none other than Mount Olympius itself (or at least some outer space version of it), and as lightning bolts flash all around the place, one of them is caught by someone.

We only see the back of him, but from the bolt, and the armour, and the hair, we can probably safely assume that is Zeus, who is reportedly being played by Russell Crowe.

And, considering his god status, could wind up being one of the very first targets for Gorr...


We'll know for sure when Thor: Love and Thunder is released in Irish cinemas on Friday, 8 July.