Celebrities slam James Corden over his Harvey Weinstein jokes 5 years ago

Celebrities slam James Corden over his Harvey Weinstein jokes

Actor Daniel Portman, best known for his role as Pod on HBO's Game Of Thrones, has torn into James Corden for his Harvey Weinstein jokes at the amfAR Gala.

Just days after several actresses had exposed movie exec for years of sexual harassment and sexual assault, Corden made several casual jokes about the offences — jokes which many in the audience, and on social media, found to be in poor taste.


Portman took to his own Twitter account to label Corden's bit "unfunny, opportunistic, tasteless, damaging, stupid, nasty."

Rose McGowan, one of the actresses who helped bring Weinstein's offences to light, also trashed Corden's routine, calling the English talk-show host a "motherfucking piglet."

“This is a beautiful room, it’s a beautiful night here in L.A," Corden said in his opening monologue. "It’s so beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage.” After a groaning reaction from the crowd, Corden advised anyone who didn't like the joke to leave.

The criticism of Corden comes just weeks after he was called out for palling around with former Donald Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer at the Emmys.


He apologised for that incident. It remains to be seen whether he'll apologise for this one.