WATCH: Colin Farrell on making really weird movies and In Bruges turning 10 years old 5 years ago

WATCH: Colin Farrell on making really weird movies and In Bruges turning 10 years old

Colin Farrell has really become such an interesting actor to watch, hasn't he?

He's always had the Hollywood handsome levels down, but his movie choices weren't always ... playing to his strengths.


Whatever has happened in the last few years however, he really has become an absolute must-watch, from his weirdo loner looking for love in The Lobster, a down-and-out detective (and being one of the highlights) in the second season of True Detective, or embodying a level of pure evil (or is he??) in Fantastic Beasts & How To Find Them.

His latest performance is arguably his best yet, re-teaming with the writer/director of The Lobster for the even darker, even more dementedly twisted comedy-thriller, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer.

Co-starring with fellow Irish star Barry Keoghan as a young boy with an odd infatuation with Farrell's surgeon, and with Nicole Kidman playing his loving wife, Sacred Deer goes to some VERY dark places, featuring scenes that will have you laughing while you're covering your mouth in absolute shock.

We sat down with Colin to discuss what attracts him to such uniquely odd material, but we also mentioned that his classic dark comedy In Bruges is closing in on its 10 year anniversary (it was released in January 2007, believe it or not!), and Colin clearly wants to celebrate that birthday is a major way!


Check out our chats below:

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday 2 November, and if you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can check it out below:


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